quality assurance

With over two decades of experience, we have established a robust quality control system which contributes to our industry-leading quality and efficiency. Each piece of translation work is submitted through a rigorous chain of quality assurance, including style checking and proof-reading. Our high quality and immaculate accuracy standards have allowed us to successfully navigate the stringent requirements of different regulatory authorities over the past 25 years.

Highly Systematic Procedures with Robust Control Mechanisms


1. Assessment and Analysis

Upon receiving a client request, a Translation Manager and Senior Translator will immediately form a specialized team to analyze all related documents based on quantity, turnaround time and professional scope. A workflow plan will be promptly drawn up to provide instructions and resources for the project.


2. Project Team Formation

A specific Project Team will be formed for each project to ensure consistency throughout the translation process. Each team includes a number of Translators under the leadership of an experienced Project Manager. The assigned team will be fully dedicated to the project until completion.


3. Editing

As part of the Translation, Editing and Proofreading ("TEP") process, all translated documents will go through a formal editing process with particular focus on terminology use and style. We are committed not only to accuracy and consistency, but also individual clients' language and style preferences.


4. Proofreading

Our exceptionally detail-oriented proofreaders provide yet another level of safeguards against typos and other errors. They are tasked to meticulously comb through each document from beginning to end. During subsequent turns, the team will also ensure that all client comments have been reflected.


5. Sign off

Finally, all completed work will need to be reviewed and approved by the Senior Translator prior to submission.

DMAIC Process

To enhance quality control and optimize process capability on an ongoing basis, our team has adopted an integrated DMAIC approach.


Project goals and translation requirements are systematically defined and flexible to real-time changes to reflect ongoing needs. We ensure effective client communication by providing instant access to both our Project Manager and individual translators.


With the lack of one golden measurement, we combine metrics across quality dimensions to generate accurate representations of translation quality. Our goal is to develop a proprietary quality-grading database to further standardize internal control and facilitate the feedback process.


Our team performs ongoing analysis of the language style and preferences of each recurring client. Each piece of client comment is systematically analyzed through a feedback loop and recorded for future reference.


Our current process has been repeatedly tested, utilized and improved over the past 25 years in thousands of projects across industries. Our culture of proactive and ongoing review allows us to achieve continuous improvements.


Our standardized control processes ensure all client comments are handled both instantly and systematically. As a pioneer of Proactive Quality Control, we rely heavily on our internal review systems to minimize proof-reading burden on our clients' part.